Women of the Moose


Board of Officers 2012-2013

Junior Graduate Regent                    Lowanea Simmons

Senior Regent                                     Betty Hunter

Junior Regent                                      Ernestine Reaves

Secretary/Treasurer                            Pat Kalena

Chaplain                                                Maureen Drury

Recorder                                               Vacant

Guide                                                     Phyllis O’Leary

Assist. Guide                                        Marsha Pilarz

Academy of Friendship                       Bernadine Matthews

College of Regents                             Vacant

Community Service                            Jean Henderson

Educational Advancement                Judy Galante

Family Involvement                            Elise Corby

Health Awareness                             Nadia Yakstis

Membership/Retention                    Joan Bruseo

Mooseheart/Moosehaven               Clemmy Bostick

Publicity                                              Tracy Lobb

Star Recorder                                     Vacant

Youth Involvement                             Wendy Casey

Application Review                            Katherine Vandenelden

 Audit                                                    Jacquelyn Turpack

 Government Relationship Rep       Donna Hughes

Sports                                                  Connie Calabrese

  *Meetings held on the 2nd and 4th Tues. every month @ 7:00 pm